Fail to Prepare = Prepare to Fail! 

It is always important to examine what supports you need to put in place in order to achieve success – to reach that goal, solve that problem or nail that project!

Examining past successes is a great way to find personal insight into the things that make YOU successful. It’s an exercise that I have done myself and the learnings are something that I lean in to again and again.

For me, research, planning and preparation are key elements. Since I started eating Low Carb, there are two things that just have to happen for me to have a successful week.

1. Having Real Food at my fingertips

I have to get to the Honest2Goodness Farmers Market on a Saturday morning, no matter what else is going on. 

Once I got into the swing of Low Carb eating I found myself falling into a new pattern of shopping. I love checking out what’s in season at the organic veggie stall and coming up with recipe ideas as I shop.

I am very fortunate to have this great resource available to me. I get to support a wonderful community of committed food producers. I get to speak to the farmers who rear the animals that provide my meat. I know where my food comes from and I contribute directly to the success of their businesses because there is no middle man.

No matter what your resources though, there are good choices that can be made when doing your weekly shop by keeping it real and seeking out the best quality food that you can afford.

2. Preparing for the week ahead

It’s always important to find time at the weekend to do food prep for the coming week. I generally do this on a Sunday when we are chilling out at home.
This was a great habit to form early on because now it has become part of my weekly routine and I look forward to taking that time to get organised for the week ahead.

I typically make a few roasted vegetable tray bakes.  These are great added to lunch boxes as part of a healthy salad with mixed leaves, avocado, cucumber, cooked broccoli and home made dressing.

Another staple is Cauliflower Colcannon made with butter and spring onions.  I find it so handy to have a batch to fall back on when I come home after walking the dog.  It’s great with a steak or some lamb chops.

I also precook organic chicken breast, salmon darnes and hard boiled eggs to add to lunch boxes and I use my slow cooker to cook a lovely small ham from Peter at the Whole Hoggs every week. I have found that making your own lunch has been critical in my success.

You can make good choices in restaurants and canteens but your choices are limited and usually involve some level of compromise.  A seemingly healthy option can be anything but if it contains hidden sugar and seed oils, which processed food invariably does.

I also like to know where my food comes from, and not just from a health or ethical standpoint. I want to support my local economy as much as possible and small producers in particular.  

Having finished all my prep I can then happily chill out with my gorgeous big dude and enjoy a well deserved coffee and some high cocoa solid chocolate from The Proper Chocolate Co…HEAVEN!

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