Low Carb Leftovers

It’s Saturday and, unusually for us, there is still some food in the fridge from last week’s trip to the Honest2Goodness Farmers Market in Glasnevin, Dublin.

Being somewhat allergic to waste, I wanted to use up the leftovers before tucking in to this week’s purchases.  On these occasions, I would generally make a big frittata to swallow up all the odds and sods in the fridge, but on this occasion I also wanted to make use of the beautiful fresh batch of homemade Banting Mayonaise that I whipped up on Thursday.

So with some smoked bacon, cooked broccoli, leftover roast chicken, and slow cooked ham on hand, I opted to add some hard boiled eggs and create savoury low carb bacon cups for dinner.

I used a silicon Muffin tray to shape the cups.  

This approach didn’t fully deliver the crispy finish I was after. Next time I will use streaky bacon and create the cups on upturned greased ramekins or dariole moulds. I love the iterative nature of kitchen experimentation – there is no failure only feedback!

Despite not yielding exactly the results that I was looking for, I still ended up with tasty little bacon cups!

Once these had cooled, I set about making the filling. I mashed together two hard boiled eggs, about four large cooked broccoli florets, a diced chicken breast (including the skin), a thick cut slice of slow cooked ham (also diced) and two large dollops of homemade mayonnaise.

These little savoury cups were a delicious treat. The Banting Mayonnaise was made with half extra virgin olive oil and half avocado oil. The flavour has matured beautifully over the last couple of days so the only seasoning added was some maldon sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

This was such a simple dish, quick and easy to prepare and amazingly tasty!

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