Not so bullet proof!

In 2016, I qualified as a Certified Banting Coach.  When one of my clients asked me what I thought about Bullet Coffee, I had to confess that I had never tried it.  I am strictly a black coffee drinker, no sugar, no sweeteners.  I like it ‘unadulterated’ – plain and simple.

Using coffee as the mechanism to inject extra healthy fat into my diet simply did not appeal.  I am more drawn to buttery, cheesy scrambled eggs with spinach and bacon.

However, it’s a popular Banting/LCHF breakfast staple so a while back I decided to finally give it a try!

I used two tablespoons of butter and two tablespoons of coconut oil per the Real Meal Revolution cookbook with an Americano made on two shots of Nespresso.

Confession time..,

I’m not a huge fan of the flavour of coconut so that did not work for me.  I think I would need to reduce or remove the coconut oil to make this palatable for me. The texture was fine though so if I tinker with it and try adding some other ingredients like high cocoa solid chocolate it might appeal to my taste buds better.

For now though…it’s a thumbs down for me!

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